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Cork interactive Archive

This site is dedicated to showcasing events between 1918 and 1922, which accrued in Cork. Each event has been carefully researched using sources from the Cork City Library, The Bureau of Military History and the Cork City Central Museum.

Using local Newspapers of the time we can investigate events throughout the War for Independence and the Civil war. What makes this site different from most is the fact we will be using witness statements from the men and women involved as well as the archived Newspapers in order to get a better understand of the event and to allow the user to have all the available facts.

This site is a forerunner example of what can be achieved through open-sourced collaboration and dedicated contributors whose main focus is history and facts. Open-sourced material is more concerned with consideration work between users who value facts and learning over debates about financial benefits. We are investigating the fact that a strong interactive presence for any historical establishment could in fact have the effect of increased physical footfall within the premises. 

This is an Interactive Archive of some events which took place in Cork City during the War for Independence and the Irish Civil War.

This Archive will be a collection of Collaborative works from Local museums, Libraries and other historical organisations. The aim of this archive to to educate the local population on the events during this time in history within the Cork County borders. 

We also encourage people to contact us with any additional information they would like to share and also encourage people to visit their local museums to view artefacts from our local past and engage in local historical activities.