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Try our in class group Quiz

Kahoot Quiz is a free to use group gaming application available on both Iphone and Android.  

This Quiz is designed to be hosted by one computer and allow others to take part together or in teams. This Quiz can be hosted on any browser or on a tablet on site at the museum.

We recommend teacher use this application during field trips to encourage collaboration and fun through gamification.

Please read the rules on how to play and then decide on which quiz to enjoy.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Then have everyone in the class or room download the application.
  2. The host then can choose from the two game modes and game options.
  3. Once the game mode is launched a new screen will open.
  4. The game "PIN" is given.
  5. All users on the mobile application will select "Enter PIN" at the bottom center of the application.
  6. Users on the mobile application will be asked to type in the "Game Pin" number Given by the host page on the browser.
  7. Each user will set a nick name for play. (NOTE) Inappropriate names will lead to a ban.
  8. Once all users have put in their PIN and name they will show on the host browser.
  9. The host then can start the game once everyone has joined.
  10. Each question has a timer of 60 seconds for everyone to complete. Scores will be given at the end.
  11. Have fun