1921 Cork City War for Independence

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1921 Cork City War for Independence


Cork City 1921


Events which unfolded during 1921 in Cork County


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Cork City Central Library News Paper Archives, Irish bureau of military history, Cork City Central Museum, British Pathé newsreel archive, 1918-1922 Interactive Timeline Cork

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1st January 1921 First Official British Reprisals
After an ambush on Black and Tans in Midleton in December 1920, the first official British reprisals, being the destruction of civilian houses with explosives, began on the 1st of January, 1921. Some believe that the British Military selected the…

20th February 1921 The Clonmult Ambush
The greatest loss of life for the Irish Volunteers accrued at Clonmult, which is situated 7 miles North of Midleton. Here almost all of the East Cork flying Column was wiped out in one single engagement with a larger British Military force. The east…

23rd March 1921 Six Volunteers Killed at Clogheen
On the morning of the 23rd of March, 1921, six Irish Volunteers of “C” Company, First Battalion, Cork NO. 1 Brigade were shot and killed by the Black and Tans and R.I.C at a farm in Ballycannon, Clogheen. It was believed that a member of the I.R.A,…

30th April 1921 Spike Island Rescue
There was daring rescue of three Irish Volunteers undergoing penal servitude on Spike Island Prison. They were rescued by a motor boat across the harbour on the morning of Saturday the 30th of April. As the men, Sean MacSwiney, Cornelius Twomey and…

15th May 1921 The Murder of Father James Callaghan
On Sunday the 15th of May, 1921, Cork city was shocked to discover that eleven people had been killed and eight wounded over the weekend, the final death being that of a well-known and highly respected Cork priest, Father James O’Callaghan. Father…

31st May 1921 Worst Disaster to Befall a British Unit.
On the morning of Tuesday the 31st of May, 1921, members of the Second Battalion Hampshire Regiment Band, “X” Company, under Captain C. H. Fowler, suffered the worst disaster of any British troops during the War for Independence. While the people of…

27th June 1921 The Death of Commandant Leo Murphy
Leo Murphy was only 16 years of age when he joined the Irish Republican Army in 1917 and within two years, he had established the movement in Ballincollig where he lived. He eventually became the acting Commandant of the Third Battalion of the Cork…
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